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Masters Level Internships

Our goal is to provide Interns enrolled in a state accredited program with an experience that not only fulfills academic requirements and prepares the individual for state license post-graduation but also equips them to establish, market, and build a private practice or prepare for work in the community mental health field.

Through the internship experience, the Intern will develop clinical skills that integrate Christian values and biblical principles into the counseling process. Opportunities are available to meet with individuals, couples, and families as well as facilitate groups as the Intern cultivates a niche in establishing a counseling practice.

We understand the demands Interns encounter as they balance the requirements and responsibilities of completing their academic degree while also fulfilling family and employment commitments. We seek to help ease this burden by providing paid internships.

Interns are under direct supervision of a licensed supervising clinician. Interns and their supervisor meet on a regular basis per Board requirements and Interns incur the cost of supervision.

Interns are encouraged to attend monthly collegial meetings, market themselves and Spirit of Peace Clinical Counseling, and explore the possibility of establishing a satellite location.

Contact our Clinical Director, Jodi Schermerhorn, at 614-442-7650, ext. 08 or by email at [email protected] for more information about an Internship with our team. Contact us to find out if we have any internship positions available for this school year.